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View of war

Friday, 04 March 2022

Russia's aggression from researcher’s perspective

Russia's war in Ukraine shocks, worries and raises questions. Questions that researchers at the University of Graz tackle.

  • How are Russia's tradition of hero worship and the war in Ukraine connected? Today, the Russian army in particular is revered as heroic, says Miriam Finkelstein. The assistant professor in the field of literature and cultural studies at the Institute of Slavic Studies is working on Russian heroism culture. >> Learn more
  • Has a new epoch begun? We are experiencing a turning point. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz as well as many other politicians and journalists regard the war in the Ukraine as the beginning of a new era. "We live in the age of uncertainty," says Simone De Angelis, historian of science. >> Learn more
  • Which law does the attack break? Erika de Wet and Paul Gragl assess the war in Ukraine from the perspective of international law. >> Learn more
  • Who protects the civil population from attacks? International humanitarian law should guarantee protection, says UNESCO human rights professor Gerd Oberleitner, noting serious violations of legal principles. >> Learn more
  • Why have Russia and the West become estranged? Eastern Europe expert Benedikt Harzl looks at Vladimir Putin's power politics and the warlike conflicts. >> Learn more

Help Ucraine

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Resolution of the University of Graz

The Rectorate of the University of Graz, the University Council, the University Senate and all university bodies as well as the European Universities Alliance Arqus strongly condemn the Russian government's military attack on Ukraine and express their solidarity with the Ukrainian people. >> Learn more (German only)

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