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Corona-Traffic-Light: University switches to red

Tuesday, 24 November 2020, Universität

From November 17th the University of Graz reduces on-site operations to an essential minimum.

During the severe lockdown in Austria the University of Graz switches the Corona traffic light to red. Courses are held in distance, except for a few cases (excursions, laboratory or other practical exercises). Exams may still take place on campus. You have to wear a mouse-nose-protection everywhere, also in lecture rooms. Libraries are still open for borrowings, freely accessible books can still also be used. Offices, however, only open on appointment.

Positive testing results have to be reported to the hotline if the concerned person was present on campus within the 48 hours preceding the test or the appearance of first symptoms. Please fill out the questionnaire and send it to covid-19(at)uni-graz.at. For further questions please contact the hotline +43 316 380 2000.

You find further up-to-date information and the regulations in detail on the website http://covid-19.uni-graz.at.

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