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University remains red

Wednesday, 28 April 2021, Universität

The current regulations concerning home office and teaching continue in force. Classes in blocks as well as certain exams can be attended in presence from 26 April on.

The colour of the corona traffic light at the University of Graz remains red until further notice. The current regulations concerning home office and teaching online thus remain in force. Classes are to be held in distance except for laboratory, excursions and practical exercises. Exams can take place in presence. There is a general obligation to wear a mask in teaching rooms as well as on the corridors. It is recommended to wear FFP2 masks and to keep a distance of two meters.

Classes in blocks and in small groups as well as certain exams can be attended in presence from 26 April on, even if the Corona traffic light of the University of Graz is still red. A necessary precondition is that all participants present a valid Covid test or a certificate confirming that they have overcome the disease.

Corona Virus Traffic Light System Teaching

Courses are held in distance, except for a few cases (excursions, laboratory or other practical exercises). Exams may still take place on campus. You have to wear a FFP2-protection everywhere, also in lecture rooms. Offices, however, only open on appointment.

Positive testing results have to be reported to the hotline if the concerned person was present on campus within the 48 hours preceding the test or the appearance of first symptoms. Please fill out the questionnaire and send it to covid-19(at)uni-graz.at. For further questions please contact the hotline +43 316 380 2000.

ince 26 April classes in blocks and small groups as well as certain exams can be held in presence – inspite of the Corona traffic light being still red. To guarantee utmost safety for everybody the rectorate has developed new guidelines stipulating Covid tests before attending a class or exam. Students and lecturers have to present a negative antigen test (not older than 48 hours), a negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours), a confirmation that they have overcome the disease within the last six months (medical certificate or quarantine notification) or a Covid-19 antibodies detection test (not older than three months).

Online registration tool and e-mail notification
To facilitate the organisation of the Covid testing the University of Graz has installed an electronic registration tool. Employees and students of all universities in Graz can make appointments on the website https://www.etermin.net/unitestet. At the test row you have to show the confirmation of your registration either in print or on your smartphone as well as your staff or student ID card. The test result will be delivered via e-mail after about fifteen minutes and remains valid for 48 hours.

Second test row starting on 3 May
From May on the University of Graz will double the tests to 400 a day. A second test row will be installed in the study zone “ZMB Lounge” at the Centre of Molecular Biosciences in Humboldtstraße 48. Appointments can be made on the website https://www.etermin.net/unitestet from 30 April on.

The test rows on the campus are a free service of the University of Graz to guarantee save classes and exams during the pandemic. Due to the limited capacities the University encourages you to make use of other free public offers – above all for private reasons. Such include for instance close contact services or leisure activities as visiting sports sites, bars and restaurants and attending cultural events.

You find further up-to-date information and the regulations in detail on the website http://covid-19.uni-graz.at.


Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. PhD Christoph Kuzmics


Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Gundolf Haase


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Alle Informationen rund um die aktuellen Entwicklungen in Verbindung mit der Universität Graz gesammelt und aufbereitet

Covid-19 Informationsseite: covid-19.uni-graz.at

Covid-19-Hotline der Universität Graz:
Tel.: +43 (0)316 380 - 2000 (Mo-Fr, 9-16 Uhr)
E-Mail: covid-19@uni-graz.at

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