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Corona-Crisis: all information

Friday, 19 June 2020, presse, Universität, Studieren, Forschen, Mitarbeiten

commuter's permit available / University Library is open for loans / New regulations for exams

June 15th:

New regulations of application procedure (information in German)


June 12th:

The university's specialised libraries as well as those of the faculties are open again for borrowing and returning books (information in German)


June 5th:

Video: Rector Martin Polaschek: current information for students


June 4th:

University of Graz takes measures to resume "normal operations"


May 15th:

Special provisions remove possible disadvantages of Distance Learning


May 8th

Staff members or students who need a commuter’s permit to come to Graz can download a form from https://www.wko.at/service/aussenwirtschaft/pendlerbescheinigung-oesterreich-einreise.pdf and send it to Human Resources or studienabteilung(at)uni-graz.at


April 30th

The Service Center of the Students' Union in Harrachgasse is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. The University Bookstore is also open on Saturdays from 9 to 1.


April 29th

The University Library opens its loan desk on Monday, May 4th. From 8.30 am books can be ordered online on the platform unikat. The scanning service for urgently needed literature that was established during the closure cannot be offered longer than until May 5th.


April 27th

The additional period for the summer term has been prolongued to June 30th. Students have time to pay their fees until that date.


April 21st

New regulations for exams


April 14th

The University Library is offering a special service exclusively for staff and students of the University of Graz: Urgently required literature of the Library’s entire inventory may be requested as of now as a scanned document. Excluded from this service are textbooks as well as books of similar content.

Scan service of the University Library (german only)


April 7th

Until the end of June 2020, there will be no teaching for students in the form of attended course sessions. Lectures and examinations will continue via distance teaching and home learning, respectively. All public events are cancelled until the end of June. The loan period of borrowed books is prolonged automatically until the end of these measures.


April 3rd

New guidelines for the submission of theses. Offices can be contacted via e-mail, lectures are available online. Unauthorised access is prohibited.

At the beginning of the Easter holidays, Rector Martin Polaschek adresses the university staff in a video message. The measures taken to reduce the spreading of the corona virus will be kept up until April 30th at least.


April 1st, 2020

The University of Graz is committed to help in the crisis - for instance by providing matieral and infrastructre for testing. All empoyees are encouraged to hand in ideas and activities to improve the situation: meinengagement(at)uni-graz.at.


March 30th, 2020

Students are asked to pass on their experiences with distance learning via a feedback form.


March 27th, 2020

Distance teaching: Helpful information and links are permaently updated on the intranet.


March 23rd, 2020

Information for employees (Intranet): how to manage and document home office hours


Thursday, March 19th, 2020, 10:40

Diploma and Master Theses as well as PhD Theses may be handed in digitally at the Dean’s offices. Supervisors will assess them from home. The printed copies have to be handed in later, as soon as the Dean’s Offices have opened again and at any rate before the final certificate has been issued.

Information on the submission process on your faculty are available on the website of your Dean’s Office.


Monday, March 16th, 2020, 17:30

As of today, only staff who are absolutely indispensable on site for the running of the university, are allowed to enter the buildings on campus. All employees should work from home, as far as possible. For students, online learning materials are in preparation. Updated information is provided on the website, on the intranet and for students also via moodle.

Statement by Rector Martin Polaschek


Sunday, March 15th, 2020, 19:30

Personal presence is no longer allowed on the university campus. All buildings are closed. Unauthorised access is prohibited, only authorised employees who have to keep up essential operations and infrastructure may enter the buildings.
The service offices are available via e-mail. 


Saturday, March 14th, 2020, 20:50

ÖH-Uni Servicecenter and Uni-Buchladen (Uni book store) are closed.
Uni-Shop is also closed until April 13th.


Friday, March 13th, 2020, 10:41

Printers, Copiers and scanners on the campus are no longer accessible for students!


Friday, March 13th, 2020, 10:39

Books borrowed from the University Library need not be returned before April 22nd. The deadline has been extended automatically.


Friday, March 13rd, 2020, 09:00

The University of Graz has set up a hotline for questions concerning the corona virus: 0316 380 2000

Please make use of this e-mail address as well: covid-19@uni-graz.at 

The Botanical Garden of the University of Graz is closed down with immediate effect.

Statement Rector Martin Polaschek


Thursday, March 12th, 2020, 18:10

Starting from Friday, March 13th, 2020, the following measures are taken:

  • For students, all offices at the University of Graz are closed.
    This includes all examinations on site. We are working on offering alternate examination dates by electronic means.
  • All libraries and other learning spaces are closed.

During social contacts, please do not shake hands.

For urgent questions, please mail to covid-19(at)uni-graz.at.


Thursday, March 12th, 9:52

The computer work places of the Information Management (UniIT) are no longer accessible!


Wednesday, March 18:15

Further information on scheduling of exams and courses

Examinations on lecture courses and final subject exams (incl. bachelor’s-, master’s- and degree examinations and PhD viva exams):

Exams that cannot currently take place will be postponed in UNIGRAZonline. Students will also be informed by e-mail from the teaching staff or the dean’s office. Please check your e-mails regularly and pay careful attention to information provided by the teaching staff about exam scheduling. As soon as normal teaching and examination activities can be resumed, sufficient exam slots will be made available to allow your study programme to be continued without delay.

The following rules apply to exam scheduling:

Written exams on lecture and seminar courses involving a large number of students will not take place until further notice. Smaller written exams on lecture and seminar courses may only take place if a maximum of 20 people are registered, and if the nature of the premises allows students to keep an appropriate distance apart, both during the exam and in the waiting area outside the examination room. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the relevant members of staff.

Oral exams should continue to take place as normal.
The form of the exam will be determined and announced by the relevant members of staff.


No teaching in the form of physically attended courses will take place until at least 3 April 2020.
The affected course sessions will be given in the form of virtual teaching, as far as this is possible. For some courses in certain circumstances this may also mean that students need to be digitally available at set times in the form specified by the teaching staff. This online teaching will replace the attendance of teaching staff and students in lecture halls and seminar rooms. These measures are designed to ensure that despite the current restrictions on teaching activities, as many as possible of the necessary materials and resources are available, so that courses can be completed as planned.


Wednesday, March 11th, 10:12

All public events are cancelled regardless of the number of participants. Internal meetings and workshops with less than 100 people can still be held.


Wednesday, March 11th, 10:55

The Department of Academic Affairs is open!


Wednesday, March 11th, 8:09

Update concerning the libraries

The specialised libraries are open without restrictions, the loan desks of the University Library and the Faculty Libraries in the RESOWI, Theology and Wall building are open as well. Reading rooms and learining zones are closed, though. Equally the 24/7-zone is closed.


Tuesday, March 10th, 15:58

After the announcement of the Austrian federal government concerning its package of measures on Tuesday morning, there will be no classroom teaching at the University of Graz until further notice. Also, courses held at the Sports Centre (USI), graduation ceremonies as well as other big events have been cancelled. The loan desk of the University Library remains open; however, the reading room, the learning zones in the main library as well as the faculty libraries in the RESOWI Centre, the Theology Building and the Wall Centre are not accessible.

Teaching will be continued as far as possible via online courses. Lectures will be largely streamed or recorded. According to the guidelines by the Ministry of Health, the lock-down is expected to be maintained until the beginning of the Easter holidays on April 4th.

University staff may come to their work places as usual, bearing in mind the action recommendations which have already been communicated.

The University of Graz will put current information online at www.uni-graz.at.

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