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Tuesday, 30 March 2021, Universität, Forschen

How can we achieve peace? Maximilian Lakitsch claims, to solve conflicts it’s necessary paying more attention to the interests of the affected communities

Syria, Tigray, Myanmar and many crises more. Not a bit of peace at Easter. If we consider the countless ongoing hotspots of trouble around the world, continuing to seek the Holy Grail of peace seems almost paradoxical. How can human communities be organised politically, and with as little conflict as possible? And if conflicts do arise, how might these best be resolved? Maximilian Laktisch, peace researcher at the Institute of the Foundations of Law at the University of Graz, talks in a new episode of the podcast “HörSaal” about the potential of conflicts, about consequences and solutions and what researchers can do – using the example of the war in Syria, which has already been going on for ten years.

Podcast (German only)

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